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Good-bye Winter Wonderland!

April still has a slight chill, but we are so ready for the beach, sunshine, and warm Lake Erie breeze! This past winter season was filled with joy and love, and we hope yours was too. Life in Crystal Beach slows down when the snow comes. The quaint little beach town becomes tranquil and quiet - completely opposite from the summertime buzz, with the heat beating off the pavement, and the smell of sunscreen in the air. While we loved staying warm at the beach house, exploring the frozen Niagara falls, and going on winter walks, we long to feel the sand between our toes and to splash in the water.

This summer is looking to be an exciting one! There is a ton happening in our region as Niagara hosts the 2022 Canada Games from August 6 to August 21, and with new shops springing up in Crystal Beach. The Town of Fort Erie has also outsourced a third-party company to manage Bay Beach operations and parking around the town. Over the past few months we have watched the revitalization of our neighbourhood as it continues to grow and develop. We say good-bye to our winter wonderland, and welcome friends and family back to our happy place!

With Summer 2022 just around the corner, we are excited to share that reservation requests for Belle Beach House are now being accepted! Availability is limited.

Cheers to new adventures and awesome discoveries at the beach!

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